Tornado II

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  • Max speed: 25 miles/h
  • Range : 21-24 miles
  • 4 speed and brake modes
  • Hill Climbing: 25%

Tornado II - Upgraded Version

The battery, ESC and remote are upgraded. With 7500 mAh lithium battery, you can keep cruising between 21-24 miles in the medium speed. The top speed is up to 26 mph. 4 speed modes and 4 brake modes available for any level of riders.

The remote is upgraded to LCD screen remote


Tornado has two types of speed mode: the normal mode and the sport mode. With the the top speed of a mild 13 miles/hour. Its agile nature, the normal mode can take you through heavy traffic and dense crowd. The sports mode, on the other hand, can take you as fast as 25 miles/h like you were skating on a bolt of lightning.

Battery & Breaks

Tornado is installed with powerful batteries that drive the board to go as far as 21-24 miles, a range that is more than sufficient to commute within a college campus or a small city.​

Tornado's downhill safety brake allows you to stop confidently at any point even when you are at the highest speed and certifies your safety to a great extent. The regenerative braking system enables skateboards to be charged during braking and extends the endurance of battery.