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The affordable and best-selling electric skateboard of Skatebolt - Tornado II
Skatebolt Tornado II
Skatebolt Tornado II - 25 mph, 500W motors
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Skatebolt Tornado II - Refurbished (A+, 99% New)

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Tip: Ride by the medium speed mode on a plain road to achieve the longest range. The range may decline when: 1)the rider is heavier; 2)the board is riding uphills; 3) the board is riding against strong wind.


Deck Material: 8-Layer Maple


Low Mode: 7.2 mph/12kmph

Medium Mode: 17.4 mph/28kmph

High Mode: 26 mph/42kmph

Pro Mode: Accelerate Faster

Range: 24miles/38km

Motor:250W x 2 (500W in All)

Hills: 25° Steep Climbing

Battery: 7500 mAh 18650 Power Lithium Cell (High Safety)

Taillight: Yes

Wheels: 90mm PU

Board Size: 39 x 11 x 5.5 inch/970 x 280 x 140 mm

Weight: 19 lbs/8.5kg

Max Load: 264lbs/120kg

Packing List: Tornado II/Remote x 1/Charger x 1/T Tool x 1/Manual x 1




    Skatebolt Tornado II is our classic motorized longboard/electric skateboard.

    It provides a smooth cruise for long-distance and has become one of the best-selling motorized longboards in the market.  

    This motorized longboard is suitable for all-age sports enthusiasts groups. It has 4 speed modes that make it easy for beginners to learn and for advanced skaters to enjoy the max speed.

    In addition to its long-range, the electric longboard includes a regenerative brake system and taillights to make it safer for commuters, delivering a confidence-inspiring riding experience on most conditions.

    What you will get from this motorized longboard

    • Long range up to 24miles/38km
    • Top speed up to 26 mph/42kmph - similar to a safe driving speed in cities.
    • Four modes for both beginners and advanced skaters to enjoy
    • Classic design that already conveys strength and durability
    • Improved stability during high-speed riding