Q. How long does the Breeze II take to fully charge ? Is there any quick charging stations we could by for this ?

A. Mine takes around two to three hours. I just plug it into the wall, so I can't really speak about charging stations.

Q. How many brake modes does it have? Which brake mode is better?

A. There are 4 brake modes. You can choose the brake mode according to the speed you ride. Please test it before riding.

Q. Do the bearings come permanently installed withing the wheel? Are they replaceable?

A. The bearings are replaceable. There are 8 bearings replacement come with the skateboard. The eboard comes is completed.

Q. How do you change the remote to mph?

A. The remote should come already in MPH! If not please consult the user manual that was provided in the box.

Q. Is this Waterproof? Can I ride on wet ground?

A. Please do not ride in the rain or ran over puddles. It is not 100% waterproof. It could only soak in water for 15 secs.

Q. Is there any store located in Miami? If yes, i would like to buy it off line and take it with the airplane. Since the battery is removable.

A. The battery is easily removable but it will void the 6 month warranty.

Q. Is it limited to 28 downhill or will it go beyond that?

A. I haven't tested it. However, I do know that on some slopes the brake itself will not reduce the momentum completely, even at lower than 15 MPH. That being said, depending on the slope, it's very well likely that the board will go beyond the 28 MPH.

Q. Can you put rubber wheels on the board for off roading?

A. We have off road wheels for sale. If you are interested, please contact us via the mail address in the user manuel. Thanks.

Q. Can i ride this on wet ground?

A. My daughter’s board stopped working when she did this. The company was really good about fixing it but it was an inconvenience to have to mail it back to them and she was without her board for several weeks.

Q. Is it possible to put larger inflatable tires on this for gravel riding?

A. I have seen photos of this done with the Tornado, and looking at mine, I could see how it could be rigged up. You'd probably have to get new trucks, and your distance per charge would plummet, but it seems feasible to me. Fun too.


Q. Can I purchase extra battery?

A. The batteries are available on our website,you can buy via below link directly.

Q. How to pair new remote with the board?

A. Turn on the board and remote, long press the power button of the board until the power light flashing then use a thin stick to the poke within 10 seconds.

Q. How to choose new correct remote?

A. Make sure your board at first and choose correct model. Or ask our after-sale service for help.