Q: What's the difference between Tornado Pro A and Tornado II?

A: The Tornado Pro A is upgraded with improved design. It's more powerful (700W in all) compared to Tornado II (500W in all). The wheel sleeves for Tornado Pro A are all replaceable. While the back wheel sleeves for Tornado II cannot be replaced alone because they are integrated with the motors.


Q: Which board is recommended for beginners?

A: All our longboards have 4 speed modes. Beginners can learn to ride at the low speed mode and then enjoy higher speed.

If you want to set both hands free when riding, we recommend the Skatebolt Brisk.


Q: How long does the Breeze II take to fully charge ? 

A: It takes around three hours.


Q: How many brake modes does it have? Which brake mode is better?

A: There are 4 brake modes. You can choose the brake mode according to the speed you ride. Please test it before riding.


Q: Do the bearings come permanently installed withing the wheel? Are they replaceable?

A: The bearings are replaceable. There are 8 bearings replacement come with the skateboard. 


Q: How do you change the remote to mph?

A: The remote should come already in MPH! If not please refer to the user manual attached.


Q: Is the Breeze II completely waterproof? 

A: Although it has waterproof feature, we do not recommend riding in the rain or over puddles too long. It is not 100% waterproof. It couldn't be completely soaked in water for over 15 secs.


Q: Can I put rubber wheels on the board for off roading?  

A: We have off-road wheels for sale. Please contact us for inquiries first.



Q: Is it possible to put larger inflatable tires on this for gravel riding?

A: Some riders have done it by customization on their own. You probably have to get new trucks, and your distance per charge may plummet.


Q: Can I purchase extra battery?

A: The batteries are available on our website in the accessories category.


Q: How to pair new remote with the board?

A: Turn on the board and remote, long-press the power button of the board until the power light is flashing, then use a thin stick to poke the reset button within 10 seconds.


Q: How to choose a correct new remote?

A: Make sure which board you have and choose with the correct model. Or contact us before purchase.