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Skatebolt Tornado with off road rubber wheels
Fast electric skateboard top speed 28mph
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Skatebolt All Terrain Electric Skateboard
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Skatebolt Tornado - Off Road, Refurbished (Grade A, 95% New)

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While riding beyond city roads, you may still come across rough terrains, which require an off-road electric skateboard.

Our Skatebolt Tornado (All Terrain Version) comes with AT wheels as a basic off road electric skateboard for experienced riders looking for an upgrade.

With more powerful motors, its max speed and climbing ability are both upgraded, which is important when going off-road.

What you will get from this off-road electric skateboard

  • For more road conditions while cruising in cities
  • Top speed up to  28mph / 45kmph - The fastest Tornado so far
  • Upgraged climbing ability
  • 4 speed modes for both beginners and advanced skaters


    Tip: Ride by the medium speed mode on a plain road to achieve the longest range. The range may decline when: 1)the rider is heavier; 2)the board is riding uphills; 3) the board is riding against strong wind.


    Deck Material: 8-layer maple

    Top Speed: 28mph / 45kmph

    Range: 18-20miles/29-32km

    Motor: 900W

    Hills: 30° Steep Climbing

    Battery: 7500 mAh, 36 V Lithium battery, Charging Time: 3 hours, Cycle life: 500 cycles@ 100% DOD

    Taillight: Yes

    Wheels: AT (All-Terrain) Wheels, Size: 4.3×2.6in / 110× 67 mm, Hardness: 65A, Material: Rubber

    Board Size: 38 x 11 x 5.5 inch/970 x 280 x 140 mm

    Weight: 19 lbs/8.5kg

    Max Load: 264lbs/120kg

    Packing List: Skateboard x 1/Remote x 1/Charger x 1/Charging Cable x 1/T-tool x 1/Manual x 1

    Warranty: 6 Months (covers quality problems including battery, motherboard, motor, remote control, etc. External damages are excluded.)