Guide for Electric Skateboard Beginners

Guide for Electric Skateboard Beginners

In this video, we illustrated all the functions of the remote control to help you get full use of Skatebolt's Tornado electric skateboard.


Pair the Remote

Normally, the skateboard is already paired with its remote control when you receive it.

If not, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Press the power button to turn on the skateboard.

2. Long press the power button until the indicator light is flashing.

3. Turn on the remote control.

4. Press the Speed Mode button and the LED button at the same time

5. The light on the skateboard and the signal on the remote should both flash rapidly, meaning the pairing is successful.


Speed Modes

There are 4 speed modes from low to high: LO < MI < HI < PRO

Beginners should start with the "LO" mode. You may check it on the screen of the remote.



You can change the riding directions without turning the skateboard around by hand.

Double-click the power button on the remote to switch directions.

BW means backward. The hub motor wheels become the front wheels under this mode.

Check the direction on the remote control screen and make sure you stand in the correct direction for riding.


Brake Modes

There are also 4 brake modes for our skateboards. Also from low to high: B-LO < B-MI < B-HI < B-PRO

A soft brake means the skateboard would slow down first and then completely stop.

For a more powerful brake, switch to a higher mode.


Keep Yourself Balanced

An electric skateboard is heavy and stable to stand on.

For beginners, after turning on the skateboard, you may hold the brake to keep it still before stepping on it.

Once you find your balance on the board, slowly push the accelerator and there you go!

By adjusting your weight pressure on the skateboard, you will be able to turn left or right while riding it.


Quick & Easy

If there is no trouble keeping your balance, a beginner can start riding an electric skateboard in 15-30 mins.

Once you get used to everything, you may switch to a higher speed for more fun.

Just remember: always put your safety in the first place!

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