Words for Skatebolt's 7th Anniversary

Words for Skatebolt's 7th Anniversary

Skatebolt has made it to the 7th year since we started in 2016.🛹

Just like 7 years ago, we are still curious and excited about the future of electric skateboards.

The Skatebolt Tornado Series is our classic design since the very beginning. It has been a preferred choice for many esk8 fans for its high performance and cost of value. Based on the success of Skatebolt Tornado, we developed Skatebolt Breeze, for we cannot be satisfied with what's already done.

Without outstanding products, we could not survive. Without support from e-skaters, we could not move on.

We've received both compliments and critics along the way. Bearing all that in mind, we are making improvements to do a better job.

The strike of the pandemic has put almost everyone through a hard time. We are getting over it and we are going to bring a whole new electric skateboard for esk8 fans. It's an upgrade for both performance and experience.

The Skatebolt Tornado II is going to become history this year. A new electric skateboard will be born. We just can't wait to share this news before we reveal the vail for the new member of Skatebolt family! 

We believe it's still an exciting journey ahead and we are devoted to it!💪

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