remote control with brake system for electric skateboard

Tips for Beginner - About the Brake System

Some Skatebolt users asked why our Tornado electric skateboard does not respond to a sudden brake immediately?


The reason is about safety.


Unlike a car, an electric skateboard does not have anything like a seatbelt to hold you back when there is a sudden brake.

If a esk8 rider suddenly brakes when riding at top speed, he may throw himself out, which can be quite dangerous.

Therefore, the brake system of Tornado is made with 4 different modes. There are 4 strength level for braking, from low to high.

On the remote control screen, it can be recognized as B-LO, B-MI, B-HI, and B-PRO.

The recommended mode is B-MI. For more powerful brake, you may switch to a higher mode.


If you realize you are running into something, remember to brake your e-skateboard before it runs too close.

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