wheel sleeves for hub motors of electric skateboards

How to Replace Wheel Sleeves for Tornado Pro A

Watch the Tutorial Video Here: Click

We uploaded a tutorial video on YouTube, demonstrating how to replace wheel sleeves for Skatebolt Tornado Pro A.

You can also refer to this tutorial when replace wheel sleeves for other electric skateboards with similar hub motor design.

Step 1.

Loosen the 5 screws on the motor cover counterclockwise by using the hex key.

unscrew bolts on the motor lid

Step 2.

Remove the screws and the cover plate on the hub motor.

remove bolts from the hub motor lid
remove the hub motor lid

Step 3.

Remove the used wheel sleeve the put on the new one.

remove the old motor sleeve and put on the new one

Step 4.

Use the hex key to help align the screw holes.

fit the new wheel sleeve to the hub motor

Step 5.

Put back the cover plate and tighten the screws. And there you go!

put the motor lid back and fasten the bolts

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