Parts Needed for DIY Electric Skateboard

For those who wants to build a DIY electric skateboard, we've made a list for your reference.

Here is a list of DIY Electric Skateboard Parts you must have:


  • Deck:

A longboard skateboard deck. Such as the deck for Tornado Series:

Material: 8-layer maple

Size: 39 x 11inch/970 x 280 mm

  •  Motors:

A set of motors as rear wheels that drives the board. The motors provide power for the skateboard to run. 

  • Battery:

The battery decides how long or how far the eskate could run.

The battery for Tornado is a 7500 mAh 18650 power lithium cell battery. It supports a range up to 24miles/39km with a full charge.

  • ESC:

ESC, meaning Electronic Speed Controller, is the brain of an electric skateboard.

This unit includes built-in Bluetooth that pairs with the remote controller.

  • Battery & ESC Case

With battery and ESC installed to the bottom of the skateboard, you will need a case to cover them.

  • Remote Control

A remote control helps you start the board, speed up, slow down or brake.

  •  Trucks

The trucks are connected to the wheels and motors.

  •  Wheels

With the motors running as rear wheels, you will also need a pair of front wheels.

  • Bearings

The bearings allow the wheels to roll. They are the must have accessories for wheels.

  • Other

Lights, bolts, connectors, cables are some other small parts you may need depending on your DIY board design.


If you are repairing or improving an electric skateboard you already own, you may also get to know these parts.

Overall, a DIY electric skateboard won't cost much less than a branded skateboard, considering all the money, time, labor spent on it, even mistakes when building it. But it's still a fun job for those good at it.


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