Skatebolt Maintenance

How To Maintain Your Skatebolt Board

Electric skateboards have become a fun and trendy way of getting around. With motorized power to help you climb hills and skate long distances, electric skateboards are a convenient source of transportation. They’re sure to be a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Skatebolt is an electric skateboard company that offers safe and affordable skateboards to help you get around. Like any electric skateboard, Skatebolt boards require a few maintenance tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride while maximizing the lifetime of the board. Here are a few tips on maintaining your Skatebolt board:

Skatebolt Maintenance Tips

  1. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures of over 35 degrees Celsius. The lifetime of the board will be reduced if exposed to direct sunlight, and this may increase the risk during riding as well. Ideally, you want to store the board in a dry and ventilated place with a temperature of between 16-22 degrees Celsius.
  2. Avoid climbing for too long. While electric skateboards are meant to climb, doing it for too long will drain the battery and reduce its lifetime.
  3. If you’re planning on stocking it for a long time, make sure to charge the board and remote to above 60% power. You’ll also need to charge them at least every 2 months to maintain the battery.
  4. Only charge the board with its original charger, and never charge it if the temperature is too high or low. You don’t want to charge your Skatebolt board for too long, so unplug the charger when the board is fully charged.
  5. When it rains, you have to be careful that the motor doesn’t get wet. If the water on the surface of the ground reaches 1/3rdof the motor, then you shouldn’t ride the board. This is enough water to damage the motor. You’ll also need to clean the motor as soon as possible if it ever gets muddy, or else it will get rusty.
  6. Check the bolts and nuts regularly to ensure they were tightened correctly. Vibrations from riding can make the nut or wheels come loose. If this happens, tighten them immediately with a T-tool to ensure they don’t fall off.
  7. Check the truck and deck regularly for cracks. Also be sure to check the bearing situation, the suspension coil of the wheel and truck, and the screws for damage. If any of these are damaged or out of shape, replace the damaged part immediately.
  8. Don’t let the sandpaper get wet, as this will cause it to lose sand. If the sandpaper loses sand, it won’t have as much friction and this can lead to injury.
  9. Don’t attempt to repair the board by yourself. Contact SkateBolt if you have any problems or need any repairs. 

If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to extend the lifetime of your electric skateboard and ride safely. Take advantage of this fun new trend and ride a Skatebolt board today!

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