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What is an electric skateboard?

What is an electric skateboard?

An electric skateboard is a motorized versions of regular skateboard. 

With motors in the wheels, batteries under the deck, and remote controller, it allows you to cruise around without loads of effort. 

It's a personal transporter for commuters, a toy for those who enjoy the speed, a recreational exercise of body control.

Most electric skateboards feature a sleek and aerodynamic design ​which allows them to move faster than regular skateboards. 

What are necessary parts for an electric skateboard?

Motors (Hub Motors)

Hub motors are incorporated inside the hub of the wheels and push the skateboard to run.

Some hub motors have holes in the motor casing to avoid heating up, which makes the motor less water-resistant. So do not ride your electric skateboard in heavy rain, or over deep puddles.

Remote Control

An electric skateboard is usually controlled with a remote or by body weight.

A remote control allows you to control the speed of your electric skateboard by accelerating or braking. 

Remote control with an LCD screen also shows you data including speed, riding mode, and battery.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

The ESC is an electronic circuit that controls the speed of the electric skateboard. It's connected to all major parts of the skateboard, including the motor, battery, and Bluetooth receiver. 

The remote control sends signal to the Bluetooth receiver. The ESC takes information from the Bluetooth receiver and regulates the energy supply to the motor.


Most electric skateboards are using lithium-ion batteries. The battery is a heavy part of the skateboard. It stores and provides the energy for the electric skateboard to move.
The capacity of the battery is also related to the range, which means how far the electric skateboard can go.


With technology support, electric skateboards make short-distance commuting easier, faster, and more fun. It's becoming a popular lifestyle.

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