Have an idea about the performance of Tornado Pro A

The following is a very detailed review on almost all aspects of Skatebolt Tornado Pro/Pro A.

The specs and performance of the Tornado series are very close actually.
Different model means different generations.
The Tornado Pro A is the latest version.

The price gap between Tornado Pro A and Tornado II falls on 2 aspects:

  • Motor: 700W (Tornado Pro A) vs 500W (Tornado II) - A more powerful motor means higher speed.
  • Replaceable Wheel Sleeves: All wheel sleeves for Tornado Pro A are replaceable. As for Tornado II, the sleeves on back wheels are not replaceable because they are integrated with the motors. To replace them means you have to replace the motors together.

If you are a beginner or new user of Skatebolt, we think this video may be a very clear reference about how to control it and how it performs in reality.

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