What are the high selling points of the Electric Skateboards?

What are the high selling points of the Electric Skateboards?

Skateboards are the best gift of technology to the modern world as a safe, convenient and portable means of travel. Regular skateboards were good enough on their own but with advanced technology, we now have electric skateboards. New and superior models like remote control skateboards and boards with light display have also come into the market.


This is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about skateboards. The high carbon emission of vehicles is a constant cause of worry in today’s world. With the use of powered skateboards, you can have the benefit of speed and also protect the environment.

Long Distances in Shorter Time

You have to use the force of your feet on a regular skateboard to gain speed and move ahead. This can be very exhausting when travelling long distances. A motorized longboard can cover long distances in a shorter period of time with its advanced features and battery power. Another advantage is you can always switch to the manual mode if you wish to or if the battery is running low.

Dual Motors for Extra Speed

Some of the fastest electric skateboards come with the option of dual motors for smooth acceleration. Since they now have greater speed capacity they are also powered with balanced output on the wheels for reliable braking. They have the capacity of hitting high speeds in the range of 30 km/hr to 45 km/hr. These mean machines are a rage among experienced skateboarders.

Easy Riding in All Terrains

While using a regular skateboard on a hilly terrain you may have to strain your way up or will have to carry the skateboard. But an electronic skateboard gives you the comfort of climbing the steep roads with much lesser efforts. Some makes of the powered skateboard also help to maintain a constant speed even on a steep uphill road.

Continuous Improvisation

The increase in the use of skateboards has also led to better and improved versions of the machine. There are models which have a regenerative braking system which charges the battery while you apply the brakes. Some premium models also give you the facility of carrying spare batteries in your electric skateboard kit and change it if required. The use of LED lights for night driving is also a part of this improvisation.

These are some of the reasons we see a growing trend of using electric skateboards nowadays. If you too are looking to save the environment in your own small way and be a part of this growing trend, you should visit SKATEBOLT. We have a complete range of the best of electric skateboards available in the market.

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